Top 5 Beers in India

Before an independence in our country the British were introduced a first beer known as lion. Now a day’s beer has occupied an important position in the Indian hard drinks section.

The Indian beer industry business has been growing at a steady rate over the last few decades. The Indian population is increasing day by day. So, the popularity of beer is also increasing at a rapid speed.

The India is residence to some of the best breweries that are supposed worldwide for their quality beer brands.

kingfisher-beer1. Kingfisher
The largest selling Beer in India, Kingfisher commands a market share of over 36% in the country with 1 out of every 3 bottles of beer sold in India being a Kingfisher brand. We are also available in 52 countries across the globe. The beer itself is a light tasting, easy drinking beer with prosperity of malt. It goes down really well -- if not a little too well at times! Kingfisher Strong, containing about 8% alcohol, is fast growing in popularity and has more flavor than the regular Kingfisher Premium, which has 4.8% alcohol. The tagline used for communicating the positioning platform is “Same Taste. Extra Dum”.  Kingfisher Strong symbolizes the values of strength, style, youthfulness, power & machismo. Another difference is Kingfisher Blue, marketed at the young and trendy. This is also a strong beer with around 8% alcohol but it has a very light wet taste. Distinctive and full-bodied Kingfisher Ultra, made from imported ingredients, is the newest label to knock the market.

Hayrards2. Haywards

 Haywards  is India's largest selling strong beer brand, which perfectly combines strength with quality credentials that meet the high expectations of today’s demanding consumers. The brand is most well known for its Haywards 5000 label -- a top selling strong beer that contains 7.5% alcohol and it is full bodied malty flavor taste. Haywards also produces Haywards 2000, a mild beer with 6% alcohol and it is rich, smooth and crisp taste. And another product from Haywards is Haywards Black -- India's first genuine stout beer. It's a strong dark colored beer, with 8% alcohol, and it is rich foam with a thick texture, strong flavor and full satisfying taste with a hint of caramel.

Royal Challenge3. Royal Challenge

Royal Challenge Premium is a soft beer containing 5% alcohol. It is most popular in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Orissa. The beer has a long brewing cycle, giving rise to its slogan of "Brewed Longer, Brewed Better". In comparison to many Indian beers, it's quite a full bodied and tasty beer. It has all the hall marks of a great beer - Color that is golden honey, taste that is smooth and crisp, lace that sticks to the wall of the glass.

Kalyani Black Lable4. Kalyani Black Label
Kalyani Black Label Strong, an 'iconic' brand has a long history which begins with its origin in West Bengal. Kalyani Black Strong today is an established brand and has its foot prints across East and certain markets in the South. KBLS combines the unique taste and quality of Kalyani Black Label in a strong beer and is positioned on the similar platform as the mother brand. The creative uses images of friends having fun with the line 'KBL Khol, Dil Khol' thus becoming an integral part of friendship and tells you to live life fullest with friends.

KBLS comes in both premium and strong varieties. The strong beer is described as "a smooth, mellowed brew with an extra bite". Its alcohol content, at 7.8%, packs quite a punch, along with its sweet aftertaste. If you like a beer with flavor, go for Kalyani.

Kings5. Kings

The beautiful beaches of Goa and Kings Beer go hand in hand. This beer, which unfortunately is only brewed and sold in the state of Goa, is a highlight of any trip there. The Kings Black Label premium pilsner is a very light tasting, pale colored, beer that's known for its smoky malt aroma. It’s got an alcohol content of 4.85%, and is priced very attractively. A small 375 ml bottle will only set you back around 35 rupees (75 cents) at most beach shacks.